But for fate, Joshua Iniyezo, better known as Solid Star, would have ended up just like his friends in Lagos ghetto, Ajegunle – broke and hopeless. Or maybe he would have still been hawking meat pie at the Nigerian Ports Authority in Lagos, living from hand to mouth.
Determined and with a no-retreat-no-surrender state of mind, Solid Star fought poverty relentlessly, and forcefully dragged his victory baton away from the monster and ran many miles until he couldn’t be sighted.
Now, he drives a 2013 Infiniti JX35 SUV worth N7million, owns landed property in Festac; and with multiple hit songs in his kitty, the young man can sight super stardom from his current spot – even though the journey is still distant.
In this brief chat, the Dancehall act speaks to HipHopWorldMagazine.com on how he took to street hawking after the death of his grandmother and father, who were his only hope. He also opens up on his relationship with actress-cum-musician Tonto Dikeh…

You started your music career in Ajegunle, how did you break into the mainstream?
I would say that I’ve been trying since I was in A.J (Ajegunle) City, when Achievas Music moved me from there to Festac, things started moving fine. From the new friends I started making then, I dropped my first single ‘One In a Million’ and that was it.
How did you get 2face on that song?
2face is good friends with my CEO ‘OC ACHIEVAS’ and when I did the song, it was just two verses and I said I want 2face on the song. He said he will get in touch with him and when he did, 2face listened to it, he said cool, he likes the song and agreed to work with me.
How would you describe public reaction to your latest album ‘Grace and Glory’?
I’ve been getting very good feedback, especially from the marketers, fans, from twitter and others.
You titled the album Grace and Glory, why?
I started professionally in 2007/2008 with a lot of people who are my friends, most of them quit along the line and I’m happy to be here today, so I said I want to give grace and glory to God. That is how it came up.
Solid Star and his 2013 Infiniti JX35 SUV
Solid Star with is 2013 Infiniti JX35 SUV
Tell us your story
It started way back in AJ city when I had to do a lot of things to survive since I lost my grandma and my dad. It was only me and my elder brother. So after my secondary school, I had to do something. I started hawking at Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)…(Laughs). I was hawking meat pie. The first song I recorded was with Achievas Music and things changed from then.
So how did you move from hawking meat pie to singing?
I was born and brought up in church because my late grand mum owned a church. So I’ve always been a church boy singing, playing drums and others until I decided to do it professionally.
Solid Star and Tonto Dikeh
Solid Star and Tonto Dikeh
You worked with Tonto Dikeh on her ‘Sheba’ song. How was the experience?
(Laughs) You know, Tonto is a crazy girl and the music came out good, the experience was crazy. I had to put her through because she is not a musician; we went through a lot to put her through.
In your opinion, would you say she is on the right track going into music?
I think she is doing it for fun, she’s enjoying herself. If fans like her for that then it’s good. At least she is being called for shows and she is making money from it so definitely she is doing well.
You and Tonto Dikeh have been romantically linked, how is she to you?
We are just good friends.
You bought a 2013 Infiniti JX35 and plots of land last year, can you confirm that?
Yes, I did.
Did you purchase the piece of land for business purpose (to resell) or to build a house on it?
I don’t intend to resell. I bought the land at Festac and intend to build a house for my mum there.