Thursday, January 16, 2014

LOL- Condom falls out of Pator's Bible

A pastor was fighting for his life in early june last year after he was beaten into a coma when condoms fell out of his bible during a preaching session in lagos bus. The pastor boarded a bus in apapa and started preaching to the passengers, uttering statements such as, " if you wear trousers you ll go 2 hell, the devil invented makeup! Weavon on your heard is 4rm d marine kingdom! If you ve premarital sex you ll burn in hell and ur skin ll peel off" later as he was praying nd laying hands on passengers, two durex condoms fell out of his bible. The angry men in d bus who had been feeling guilty due to the pastor's preaching against fornication suddenly pounced on him. As dey were beating him he started shouting " I also preach safe sex! I also preach safe sex! Safe sex is good!" The police had 2 be called to d scene to save the pastor's life. The pastor was arrested and d condoms retained as evidence.
This write up is not meant to judge who was right or wrong

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