Monday, January 6, 2014

Peas- a cause for seeking divorce

WTH?! This Might Just Be The Flimsiest Reason For A Divorce (CLICK)
One woman is blaming her divorce on a plate of peas.
Al Arabiya News reported earlier this week that a newlywed Kuwaiti woman has filed for divorce a week into her marriage after discovering that her husband prefers to use bread, rather than a fork, to eat peas. (And no, in case you were wondering, Al Arabiya News is not the Arabic version of The Onion.)
According to the site, the woman accused of her utensil-challenged spouse of poor table manners and said his method of eating peas was a “shocking sight.”
This isn’t the first weird food-related grounds for divorce we’ve seen in the last few years. In a 2012 article on England’s fault-based divorce system, the New York Times shed light on a family court case where a man claimed he was divorcing his wife because she had “maliciously and repeatedly” served him his least favorite meal, tuna casserole.

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