Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horror of Online date

I guess this is coming in late. Last week I had to got to Port harcourt to attend to some school business. I decided to use the time out to check on one new babe I caught over the internet. Expanzite Hardcore Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement 2 months 120 pills - sexual enhancer for sexual wellness, sexual stimulant male sexual enhancement, enhancer for sex, help with better erections ,stamina orgasms

It was not my first time of meeting with her and in fact we had an agreement that I would be taking her over to my place to spend some quality time with me. Suffice me ttto say that she is one of the rudest girl I have ever met and to compound issues, she is very demanding.

I got the first shock when I arrived at her place andd called her while just alighting ffrom the vehicle. She said I should wait for her by the road that she was coming to meet me there. I immediately started suspecting foul play cos I know her house and she is not married.

I decided to do a little denzel washington (investigation) for myself and was confronted with a rude awakening. I went to a shop opposite her house and was monitoring movements on through her gate. After thirty minutes of continued surveillance and I must confess a new found undercover skill, she finally came out with a guy that she was petting and couldn't just keep her hands off.

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Apparently, she has been playing lots of guys. Well I pretended I had seen nothing and quickly moved to a cybercafe from which I called her that i was losing patience and was about taking my leave.
Five minutes later she showed up. she had quickly changed her clothes and freshened up. wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I had made up my mind that nothing was going to spoil my mood for that evening and so I never made mention of what I saw. She took me to a porsche natural park where we had some drinks. She started behaving funnily and started getting angry at every joke i said. I realised her antics is not different from every other Ikwere girl I have met. "Just drain him of his money" This is the principle that keeps them going. The next thing I knew was she stood up and walked out on me. Now she is calling my line probably to set a new date to coe and eat or possibly to apologise and then tell me to send her some cash



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shopping for a girl

I went shopping for clothes, and interestingly, this is the first time I would be doing this on my own for my over twenty years on earth. It turned out to be more of a shopping for a girl than for outfits.

My first stop happens to be the shop managed by a charming young lady. My previous encounters with girls have taught me not to snoop around girls just because of their beauty, there must be some sort of chemistry, I mean a mutual feeling between both parties and in this case between me and the girl. Her english is very eloquent and polished and not the kind you would expect from an ordinary Naija sales girl. She develops a sort of interest in me that transcends the normal sales person-customer relation.

This may sound silly, but never get comfortable when I am with strangers especially of the opposite sex, and most girls I have dated usually complain that I am too shy. In this particular case, I realise that I am more than comfortable in her presence. She shows me the stock at hand and its quite a handful so I request that she helps me select the ones she would love her boyfriend to wear. Wow she is amazing cos she picks the very best of the entire collection for me.

All that while I was there, my pants cant seem to contain the excesses of my guy in it. I am at home now and cant take this babe out of my mind.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photo of Ronaldo's nude girlfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk is at the centre of a huge row – after nude photos of her were published in a magazine.

The 24-year-old Russian beauty’s agents threatened to sue Spanish GQ over the pictures, which they claim have been digitally altered.

But the magazine insists the underwear model happily stripped off – and has threatened legal action against Irina’s agents Elite.

Irina has been dating £200,000-a-week footie star Ronaldo, 25, since May. The stunning brunette posed for GQ in Madrid on November 4 and the magazine published 14 sexy photographs and an interview this week.

The front cover shows her smoking a cigarette over the headline: “The most beautiful animal in the world. Do you want to discover Ronaldo’s girlfriend naked?”

Inside she appears in a series of photographs in lingerie, and in five pictures she seems to be wearing no knickers.

One shows her outdoors in just a pair of high heels, and two others only wearing knee-length socks.

Gael Marie, director of Elite models in Spain, said: “She’s the victim of photographic retouching and negligence by GQ Spain. It wasn’t planned for her to appear naked.”

Mr Marie said the photos “damaged and harmed the model’s image” and added: “It’s obvious the headline was designed with the sole aim of selling more copies.”

The editor of the magazine Javier Fernandez de Angulo, who was present during the photo-shoot, hit back, saying: “The model took her clothes off completely naturally.

“Maybe she”s annoyed because we put on the front cover that she’s Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and she asked us to avoid that.”

Ironically during the interview Irina says you don’t have to be naked to feel sexy.

She said: “I feel very sexy when I’m wearing lingerie.

“You don’t have to be naked to feel sexy.

“I think the power of seduction is within every woman, but of course I feel more sexy wearing lingerie.”