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the great wall

I cant write on my experience on the great wall without first giving an overview of the great wall.
UNESCO enlisted the Great wall os china as one of the greatest wonders of the world, in the world heritage in 1987. It was originally built in the spring, autumn and warring state periods as a defensive fortification by the three states: Yan, Zhao and Qin. Just like a gigantic dragon, the great wall winds up and down across deserts, grassland,mountains and plateaux stretching approximately 6,700 kilometres. (4,163 mile) from east to west of china. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the sections of the great wall are now in ruins or have completely disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions around the world owing to its appealing architectural grandeur and historic significance.

The great wall went through cconstant repairs and extension in later dynasties. In fact, it began as independent walls for differnet states when it was first built and did not become great until the Qin dynasty. emperor Qin Shihuang succeeded in his effort to get the wall oined together in his effort to fend off the invasion from the Huns in the north after the Unification of China. Since then, the Great wall has served as a monumen t of chinese nation throughout history. A visit to the grat wall is like a tour through the history backwards; it brings great tourist attraction in each step of the wall.

The great wall has been incorporated into the chinese mythology and popular symbolism. The most popular of several legends is the collapse of a section of the wall caused by Meng Jiangnu who cried bitterly over the death of her husband in the construction of the great wall.
The legend has been spread widely through textbooks, folk songs and traditional operas. it is well known in china
Stepping through thee great wall was for me like a lifetime achievement. I saw the zealous and collective effort of a people that shared the same aspiration of fortifying their city against attacks. Walking on top of this wall could be tedious as one's legs could pain enormously but in my view, it is worth it

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The forbidden city

Here is a warning for the adventurous and spirited: Please do not venture her without a trusted guide, for the forbidden city contains 9,999 buildings. S it is that easy for you to get lost. For your sake do no think you can do this.

Most likely, your tour would start from Wumen like mine did. Wumen is called Meridian Gate in English. It is also named five phonix tower, Wufenglou in chinese, for it looks like a phoenix with five pavilion buildings up there. it is the Main gate and south gate of the forbidden city. Inside the Meridian gate are the Inner marble bridges. Water flows beneath this marble bridges. The golden water river is very gorgeous and well decorated. The river bed and sand are paved with white stones. Decorative marble columns and banisters were established along the river. Standing on the bridges, you can see a grand and impressiveb structure with two bronze lions guarding the front called Taihemy ( Gate of Supreme Harmony).

There is the grand Taihedian (Hall of Supreme Harmony), where emperors exercised their autocracy over the whole country. This is where the emperor ascended his throne and gave audience to visiting officials and other important events were celebrated. Flanking this hall are two other halls called Wenhuadian (hall of literary Glory) and Wuyingdian (hall of martial valour). The fformer on the right side used to be the study of the crown princes, where banquets and some rites were held. In the north of Wenhuadan lies Wenyuang (Pavilion of literay Source), the imperial library where the world's largest encyclopedia Sikuquanshu (complete library of the four treasures of knowledge) was housed. The library architecture has many chinese cultural factsin its structure and decoration. Nanxundian (south france hall) near Wuyingdian is where portraits of emperors of dynasties are kept. I really appreciated the guide that was with me as he was well versed in the history of every room and structure as he got me there.

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Nathan Drake is rather forthcoming when he states that everything he touches seems to turn sour … Ok, that’s not precisely how he phrases it, but you get the drift.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a visceral romp that takes the formula from the first highly successful game and pushes it to new heights – both figuratively and literally. There are a lot of inside jokes and some really good chuckles stemming from the dialogue and cut scenes. There are new characters and familiar ones.

The story revolves around the adventures of Marco Polo and, specifically, his return from China. When Polo left China, he had 14 ships with more than 600 passengers and crew. When he finally made his home port, only one ship remained with 18 passengers. The initial idea that intrigues Drake and draws him into the adventure is what happened to those other ships. But as is usually the case, it evolves into something much bigger – the Cintamani Stone (purported to be a fabled jewel that grants the owner great power … as in world-conquering power) is one of the items in the equation, the other is the path that leads to Shambhala. Of course, this swings Drake into full adventure mode, but one of the elements here is not knowing exactly who to trust.

(There will be no spoilers here.)

Drake’s initial adversary is a war criminal who heads a private army and is on the trail. Along the way he teams up with Chloe, who seems to have her own agenda in all this and eventually he meets Elena, and there are nasty, voracious monsters that seem to crawl out of legend and are very hard to kill.

Developer Naughty Dog has crafted a game that is somewhat linear, and has a fair amount of repetition in terms of raging gun battles and puzzles, incorporating the platform elements very well. It is simply a case of if you think there is an easy path, but look around and find that there appears to be handholds in the wall, then that is usually the way you will need to go. You kill the bad guys, pick up weapons – all of which seem to range from nice guns to RPGs. And lest you think some of those weapons are a bit extreme, wait until you go up against a tank and you will definitely see the need.

The game starts out in Borneo and moves into the Himalayas. True, some of the mechanics in the journey are similar, but the pacing seldom slows – something that Drake often comments on.

From a control standpoint, Uncharted 2 is nothing that is too difficult to learn. In fact, the control scheme is rather straightforward in design. That alone helps to put the focus on the game itself. The dialogue is often quite humorous, and even pokes fun at itself. When Chloe and Elena are first introduced, Chloe says she senses some history between Elena and Drake. Elena then introduces herself as “last year’s model” – an obvious but entertaining reference to the first Uncharted title.

The game also brings multiplayer into the mix, with some nice cooperative sessions through game maps. There are also a bevy of achievements that can be earned; you can gain achievements particular to each weapon, as well as score for the type of attack, such as headshots.

For the most part, Uncharted 2 does not reinvent the action-adventure wheel, but from a graphic standpoint, and from a pure fun stand, this game soars on the PS3. This is a lot of fun.
When you play a game that stops non-gaming members in the family dead in their tracks to watch and enjoy the way the game is playing out, that says a lot. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves did precisely that.

Review Scoring Details for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Gameplay: 9.0
The controls are easy to learn and use, the game flows well, with some cut scene interruptions. There are repetitious elements and the game does get to the point where you are not surprised by the path you have to take to get from point A to B.

Graphics: 9.0
The eyes on Chloe and Elena are a bit glassy and not that good looking. But in spite of the problem with the eyes, there were other issues that reduced the score in this department. The code received for this review was for the PS3 debug or test unit. During one of the opening missions, when Drake is attempting to break into a museum to steal a lamp, a jump was missed and Drake ended up hanging over the railing. At the point one could see the lack of environment geometry under the stone - that vast blue void that falls away to nothing. Drake was trapped and eventually fell, into the void and to his death. The camera gets stuck far too often, not affording a view around to see what needs to be seen. The world is grand and wonderful, but the code received had problems. Reviews are based on code in hand, and for that reason, and these glitches, the graphics take a hit.

Sound: 9.3
The musical score and dialogue are terrific.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Concept: 9.2
A great story, coupled with multiplayer brings this game alive.

Multiplayer: 8.8
Fun, fast, furious are all keywords in how this plays out.

Overall: 9.0
The game has some repetition, but the look of the game is wonderful and the action flows well, drawing players through the game. This is an enjoyable game that keeps players on their toes, tantalizes with stunning vistas and some cool animations and keeps the story flowing well.

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speaking english

English we all know is the second most spoken language on earth but the thing is most english speaking countries like Nigeria have mostly illiterates as leaders and those on top. Their so called lingua franca becomes a problem for them. I ran into this site that teaches people how to communicate in English. I realised that even though I consider myself literate, I still don't know the right pronunciation for certain words. The site is available below
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I think the music industry is getting saturated with people that keep dispensing untrue information to the press so that they would comand more respect from people. I remember vividly how Dayo Olubanjo aka D'Banj said he earns ten million Naira every week. Now, it is This cool dude that once claimed that they put a kettle of water on fire and before it got boiling, they had sold a million copy of their previous album. it is no longer news that the long awaited new Album of the duo is out but what keeps baffling me is the large figures that they always announce as sales in a very short period. In 2007, they claimed their album "Game is over" sold over one million copies in just six days, Now they have come again. They are claiming their new album "Danger" has sold over one million copies in three weeks. i hope the tax authorities have heard this, atleast I don tire to dey hear jeck

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kelly Hansome – IGWE (Kom Kom). Dissing Wande Coal, D’Banj, & Terry G

I stumbled on the track below on the net and It amuses me.
I dont think this poses a bright future for nigerian music. Kelly wowo where neva sell any music dey follow diss person. Wonder they say no go end. Imagine kelly and Wande na who fine pass. Abeg make this person where dey callperson empty kom kom shut up
Kelly Hansome – IGWE (Kom Kom). Dissing Wande Coal, D’Banj, & Terry G

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

winners at MTV Africa music awards 2009

Dapo Olubanjo aka D'Banj, Innocent Idibia aka Tuface were some of the nigerian acts that went home with the prestigious MTV music awards. Some other nigeriann recipients include MI that is renown for his raps but got the award for the best new act and best hih hop award. P Square got the award for the best group in Africa, D'banj was artist of the year while Tuface was best R and B category winner

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body enhancement

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Genevieve goes global

It is interesting to know that Nigerian artistes and actors are being given their pride of place all over the world. Recently, Nigerian super actress was featured by Oprahin an episode "meet the world's famous people". She was chosen for her wide appeal bu africans. Interestingly, she was referred to as the Julia Roberts of Africa.

Cheap Payday loans

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MTN project fame

Mike Anyasode 26 year old Ambrose Ali University undergraduate emerged winner of the just concluded MTN project fame beating fellow final competitors Liberian Nicholas Buigar, Madonna Robinson, Tomiwa Sangonuga and Krimi Johnson. Hee wins 2.5 million Naira, a toyota RAV4 and a one year recording deal. The first runner up Nicholas Buigar got 1.5 million Naira and a toyota corolla. Tomiwa Sangonuga the second runner up got 1 million naira and a toyota yaris while Krimi Johnson got one million Naira

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get more twitter followers

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Reliable web host

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Lagos Big Boys Go Into Prostitution

Sex services often rendered in red light districts have for decades been the exclusive preserve of call girls with the patronage these girls enjoy coming from randy men who either desire to live their wild sexual imaginations or those who simply take pleasure in patronising call girls for the fun of it.
Well ladies of the night are facing stiff competition from the opposite sex.
These male prostitutes are usually happening guys in the ares where they operate., and when you see them, there are no signs around them suggesting what they do. they are usually corporately dressed or are simply sharp dressers with clean looks, sleek bodies and are usually blessed with good looks.
They hunt for their female customers, usually big rich girls, older women or widows who are looking for men to help them fulfill their fantasies and they do this via a middle man usually a woman. When the guy spots a potential sex starved big gal, they would inform their middleman, who in turn would approach the potential female customer and inform her that a certain guy would ;like her to buy him a drink.With the middleman's job done, two prospective lovers are left alone to get to know each other, following which a negotiation takes place.
These gigolos charge in dollars depending on the ladies desires. In some cases when the woman is overwhelmed by the sexual prowess of the guy, he would become a regular with her and could be asked to move in with her. She would then pick up responsibilities for all his bills. Because of the easy money and gifts many of these happening boys can get for rendering sex services, the number of young, handsome boys who are now in sex trades is fast growing.
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My direct tv

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Shop wiki

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Back to school gift for my brother

My kid brother has been a wonderful kid at home during this past holiday.
The summer is here and school would soon be resuming. I have been thinking of a nice gift to give my kid brother and I was advised by a friend to get him a classy watch. Come to think of it, there is no better gift than this to enable manage his time properly.
Well after getting what gift to give to him, I was confused on where to get him the watch. But this dilemma has been put to rest by a referral to seiko diamond watches . Another problem now is what watch to get for him because bluedial has got so many classy and inexpensive watches. Well cos my brother is very dear to me, I have settled to get him nothing but the best. You can visit seiko diamond watches and advise me on the best for a nice little boy in the dormitory.

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How to know if your boyfriend is cheating

He’s superprotective of his gadgets. “The main way that trysts are found out is through the discovery of incriminating e-mails, IM chats, cell phone texts or bills,” says Belisa Vranich, PsyD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. So if he’s being unfaithful, he may guard his gadgets or act really defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer. It should be a giant red flag if he readily gave you passwords in the past, and now he’s more evasive.

2. He steps up the grooming. “This is so obvious, but it’s a sign many women miss: If your man starts grooming down there without you requesting it, that could be an indication that he’s spending more time naked,” says Vranich. You can actually thank porn for this tipoff. Guys today are used to viewing manscaped dudes onscreen, so if he has another chick to impress with his sexual prowess, he may emulate those ultra-trimmed guys. Another clue: He’s spending more time at the gym.

3. He smells different. “When he comes home, if he doesn’t smell the same as he did in the morning, and it isn’t the scent of soap in the gym or at your home, it may be because he’s showered at her place,” offers Vranich. So pay attention, because in this case, that old saying “the nose knows” might very well be true.

4. Nothing fazes him anymore. “If he was short-tempered before, a combination of added sex and attention could be making him way more relaxed, even downright giddy,” Vranich says. Adds Mira Kirshenbaum, author of When Good People Have Affairs: Inside the Hearts and Minds of People in Two Relationships: “If your guy is suddenly going around all happy and whistling, then you need to find out why.”

5. He becomes suspicious of you. “If he’s normally a mellow type, all of a sudden he may want to know where you are all the time and with whom,” says Vranich. “It’s the result of him realizing that if he’s cheating and it’s not that hard, you might also be getting away with it.” Also, beware of extremely detailed responses to even your most innocent “How was work today?” queries. He may be preparing epic answers because he’s terrified of getting caught.

One caveat: If your sex life hasn’t fallen off, that’s no guarantee that he’s faithful. “It’s a serious mistake to think that affairs are necessarily sexual. He may just be unhappy in other parts of the relationship,” says Kirshenbaum. In fact, an illicit relationship could even stoke his lust for you

Christian Movie Reviews
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How to make your mum happy

Steps: Make her bed when she's not looking.
Wash your hands before she asks you.
Tell her jokes to help her forget her bad day.
Give her a nice head massage.
Don't fight with your brothers or sisters; but if you must, do it quietly and don't involve mum.
Make your bed.
Help her with the cooking.
Buy her some perfume or buy her a little make-up case.

Tips:Give her some flowers.
Don't remind her of the bad things that you've done.
Take her out to a restaurant (plan something with you and your dad/guardian).
Do a special dance.
Don't make it too obvious.

Warnings:Don't get out of control.
Don't give her a headache.
One of the dangers is that she might tell you to stop it because she's had enough. Just try not to be annoying.

Things You'll Need
Your mother

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How to make your dad happy

Make your dad breakfast in bed! This is a great one if you live away from home! You can also take him out to breakfast if your cooking is that bad.

Step 3 Take it back its too much!Buy him the nicest and most powerful looking watch he would never buy for himself because it was too expensive!

Step 4 Its been a while my deer.Buy him a Visa gift Card and babysit your siblings while he and mom have a night on the town!

Step 5 I hate snakes!Take dad out to the movies! You know that new Indiana Jones flick is out, nudge! I took my dad to see Batman Begins a few years back for Father's day, he's still talking about it! Even if you're short on funds you can just spend the day on the couch watching some of HIS favorite movies with him and telling him how much you love that part when...

Step 6 This way for fun!Go bowling! Nothing says "having a good time with dad" quite like bowling. You'll soon see that he will absolutely love the interaction and competition! It is sure to get his youth juices going again.

Step 7 You're the best!Pay tribute to your dad with his very own MySpace page! Make sure to spend some time decorating it and arranging it for him. Take some time to show him how to navigate the site and put it in his favorites so he'll be able to find it easily. Explain it to him as a way to communicate with you when you are away. Also, be sure to already be a friend on his page wishing him a Happy Father's Day!

Step 8 You remember when...Dig out the old scrapbook and reminisce of days long lost.

Step 9 Maybe not.Take him to see the NBA finals!

Step 10 Old school Kodak...Take plenty of pictures! Memories of the good time that you are having is vital. Pictures links us together when life brings distance. You can even post the pictures on his MySpace page when you're done!

Step 11Throw him a big party and invite all the family over! Be sure to deliver a really sappy speech and make a toast to the best dad in the whole wide world!

Step 12 I'll take that out for you, sir!Before you go, take out the trash!

nice words to say to your girlfriend

1) When giving her a dozen roses, 11 real and 1 fake, say "I will love you until the last rose dies."

2) Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great untill I ran out of stars

3) If you held up 11 roses into a mirror, you’d be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

4) I love you

5) I could hold you forever.

You are my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything

You are beautiful/gorgeous

You are so cute!

Will you marry me?

i miss you

How to know if a girl loves a guy

A girl’s behavior and her attitude towards you, reveals the way she feels about you. It also depicts whether she is interested in you or she is just playing with you. Sometimes what happens is, the girl loves you but she cannot express her feelings. This article also helps you to find out the hidden feelings in girl’s heart.

If you get the positive answer out of this, it is highly advisable to be loyal to the girl who loves you truly and selflessly but if you find the negative outcome, then I would strongly advise you dump that girl before she spoils you completely.

Here are the 15 ways to judge a girl:

1. Ask her what does she look for into a boy? Is it money, looks, power, status or nature?

Outcome: Her answer will reveal a lot about her nature and thinking. It depicts whether she gives importance to love, looks, character, money or power and then you get to know if you are in or just being fooled.

2. Ask her if she likes you?

Outcome: If she says yes casually, then she does not love you rather if she finds it difficult to answer this, then she love you but you must note that some girls find this question rather amusing and could come up with phrases like "you know I do".

3. Ask her what does she respect you for? What does she like about you?

Outcome: If she lists out the things clearly about you, then she really love you. If she takes time to think and say about you, then she’s bluffing you.

4. Ask her what does she feel about you?

Outcome: If she is clear what actually she feels about you then you can move ahead with this girl because she is in love with you, if not then leave the topic her itself.

5. Tell her that you will invite her in your marriage, ask her if she would come?

Outcome: If she says no or keep numb, then she is in love with you but if she says yes, ‘I would attend your marriage’, that means she is not serious about you but most girls like teasing people about the subject matter.They find it difficult to hear about marriage especially when they are not ready.

6. Ask her if you can come to her home or at least ask her to introduce you to her parents.

Outcome: If she agrees to introduce you to her parents, then she is serious about you and believes that may be you want to talk to her parents for marriage. If not then it means that she doesn’t want you to meet her parents.

7. Talk to her on several topics in a single day. The next day you meet, ask her about something that you have discussed yesterday.

Outcome: If she remembers all or at least a part of what you said yesterday, then she is interested in you.

8. Send her messages regularly for 15 days or call her daily with out missing out a single day. On the 16th day, don’t give her message or don’t call her.

Outcome: If she is in love with you and is serious about you, then she would surely ask you the reason for not sending her message. If she doesn’t even remember that you did not send her the message, then she is not at all bothered about you.

9. Take her frequently for a cup of coffee. Observe her behavior when it comes to paying the bill.

Outcome: If she feels a little embarrassed or uncomfortable that every time you are paying the bill, then she cares for you because she does not like your spending of money needlessly. If she does not feel anything about your paying off the bill, then she does not love about you.

10. Take her for some shopping. Ask her to accompany you in your shopping. Select a beautiful branded shirt for yourself but pretend as if you are not buying the shirt because it’s much expensive than your budget.

Outcome: Now, if her love is true for you and she is serious about you, then she would try her level best to gift that to you. That reveals her selfless and in depth love for you.

11. Find out whether she remembers your birthday, wishes you on every possible occasion, does not forget to wish you good morning etc. all these things reveals her love for you.

12. Ask her whether she believes in love marriage or arranged marriage.

Outcome: If she says love marriage, then you have a chance; if she says arranged marriage, then she is not into marriage kind of relationship with you and if she says love marriages that are arranged, then she is giving you a hint to talk to her parents.

13. Gift her a beautiful, romantic or sexy kind of gift like a sari or a pearls necklace.

Outcome: If she feels shy or smiles a little and accepts that gift then she is in love with you. If she asks you ‘why have you gifted me pearls, I don’t like pearls’, then that means she neither value you nor your gift.

14. Talk to her something about your departure. Ask her how would she feel when you would depart from her?

Outcome: If she doesn’t say a word or simply stare at you with eyes full of tears but still she is trying to hide her tears, then that means you are everything to her. If she says ‘yes, we have to depart one day’, then that means she has never ever taken you seriously.

15. When you are with her, say that you are missing your family or friend or any one who is important in your life. Shed little tears in front of her.

Outcome: It is said that if a girl loves a boy, then she cannot see him crying. If she feels bad on seeing your tears and cries for you and consoles you, then she is madly in love with you rather if she tries to console you by saying, ‘don’t cry, this is what called life. We don’t get what we always desire’ then she is not serious about you.

16 ask her what she would do if she were suddenly pregnant

outcome: if she says terminate the baby, or keep it and then moves to give a reason that is self centred and not about the two of you, then you should drop her

Dear friend, know you know whether a girl is in love with you or not. I would genuinely advise you one thing, it’s hard to find a true love, if you get someone true loving, don’t lose that person. This would be your biggest loss.

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how to go to bed with a girl on the first date

I think the hardest thing to do is asking a girl for her number. After that, the girl is toast. Guys always feel that they are the only ones that want to snog it out under the sheets but sorry to dissapoint you, girls always want it more than guys ever think girls of. lets go through the order sequentially
first get the number
getting the number should be as much as the hardest task in this operation. I think i'll write about getting a lady's number in a subsequent post
Ask the girl out for a date Ask the girl out for a date in a place that you love so much and you think that the lady would love like the movies, the beach etc. try to touch her and see her response. if positive then you are making a good move. When you are done there make an excuse to take her back to your place.

At your place, sit far away from her and observe her physical readiness. start up a conversation, and in between move closer to her. say something emotional and then get to kiss her. if she doesn't withdraw, then the die is cast. if she does, apologise immediately and try to give her some sweet lies

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How to get a girl that is just your friend to love you and be your girlfriend

Have you been having problems with a girl you really love but does not have your time? Well lets categorise your problem into any of the following two
- She is your friend but you dont know how to get her to be your girlfriend
you just need to talk to her. Since she is your friend, you would have no problem asking her out for a date. When you are out, you have a usual conversation and see her reactions towards you. Body signs are essential part of a lady's sexuality. If she stares straight into your eyes, touches your hand in between conversations and compares or tells you more about her ex-boyfriend, then luck is on your side
Go ahead to ask her to be your girlfriend. Some may see this as a dumb idea but ladies like words. Dont be scared asking her to be your girlfriend cos she may indeed have been expecting you to

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to make your guy happy

The hardest part of pleasing a person is finding out what pleases the person. As every man varies in life complexities, so do men vary in their taste.

When he is down, why not bring him back up with a joke. be mindful of your jokes so as not to infuriate him

Men do not like naggers, listen to him when he wants to talk and show him you would always be there for him

Understand that everyone performs best when given the right conditions, allow him to be himself

Don't try to be as though your being in the relationship is a favour you are doing him. Show him that you need him and you wouldn't be complete without him

trust is the bedrock of any relationship. try to get his trust by trusting him

Spoiling your guy a little would be useful

Having a good sex would just spice up everything.

How to get back your ex boyfriend

Getting back your ex boyfriend may be an emotional hazard because he might not really be into you and even if you get him back he may just see you as an oppurtunity for some good quickies but if you think you really need him back, then here are some steps to take
friendly gestures towards him should make him reconsider you for a ffriendship
secondly you must show him your independence.
Make him believe you have put the break up behind and you are moving on with your life. This would stir up jealousy and regrets.
Appear in outfits that you know seduces him without giving him a clue that you are intentionally calling him
When talking to him, be formalshow no emotions.
Dont let him have any thoughts that you want him badly
If this doesn't make him want to straighten up with him, then maybe you should make him then know how you really feel about your lost relationship.

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Having a cheat free relationship

you must always appreciate your partner for little favours. Little things would endear you to him or her.
Make attempts to see each other regularly.
have regular outings to complement to add more value to your relationship and try to be as romantic outdoors as you are indoors.
have constructive discussions and try as much as possible to be frank and candid during such discussion periods. Also don't monopolise such discussions, try to make it a two way forum.
have breaks from yourselves to spice up your relationship
Discuss the consequences of cheating on your relationship.
Your independence would make your partner appreciate you more.
Get to know your every small detail about your partner to take away suspicions.

If you catch a cheating partner, don't hesitate to break up cos a cheating partner would always cheat.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

OAPs moving out of their Radio bases in Nigeria

Miss Kemi Olisemeka is considering moving back to the United states fresh out of a bitter battle with Inspiration FM, the 31 year old talker is finding it difficult to plant her foot firmly back into the core of showbiz industry and she has told those close to her that she may just take a walk and leave the country for good. “It’s very obvious that my time here is up” she blurted out on Tuesday.
The young entertainer moved back home in 2002, joining Brilia FM as OAP before moving to Rhythm FM where she found favour with listeners but failed to stay in the good books of her employers. A MOVE TO Inspiration FMin September 2008 would later prove to be a miscalculation.
Apart from the US where her mother and siblings reside,Cote D’Ivoire is another option Miss Olisemeka may be considering as her fathe is on diplomatic mission in the Francophone West African country

Singer –turned broadcaster, Mandy Brown Ojugbana has abandoned her breakfast slot on Brilia FM leaving her followers distraught and her employers in shock
Ojugbana who just recently moved back from the UK to take up residence in Nigeria after being away for years was the anchor of Brilla’s Super morning breakfast show until last week when she told friends that she just walked out after a disagreement with the station’s management.
Brilla 88.9FM, dedicated to sports and entertainment is owned by respected sport analyst and broadcaster, Larry Izamoje.
It remains uncertain what the disagreement was aboutbut Mandy who authored the eighties ‘ hit Taxi driversaid she doesn’t think she is going back there.
Industry watchers believe her departure would leave a sour taste in the mouth of the management of Brilla as it was only a few months back that they introduced her as one of the new OAPs brought in to spice up programming at the station. Herself and Habeeba were the most recent high profile presenters to join the team at Brilla

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi is one of the few exciting voices on radio. And with daily week-day shows, Midday Oasis and Radio Graffiti, she’s wormed her way into the hearts of millions of radio fans.
So when on Tuesday may 28 she announced to her Facebook friends “Listen up to Midday Oasis on june 1; cool FM at 1:20pm to be exact I have an important announcement”; it didn’t take long before gossips got to work
Sources close to the station said her announcement has to do with a career move
Miss Olteru-Olagbegi is currentl pursuing a masters’ degree in Media and communicaton from the Pan African University in Lagos

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

some nice words to say to your boyfriend

Having a tough time thinking of sweet things to say to your boyfriend? If you try searching online for sweet words to say, majority of the results you get are often in favor of men. However, guys do like to hear nice things from their partners.

Guys are always expected to say nice things to girls, but why not make a change? Do your share of the intimacy in your relationship. Speak up and make your man appreciate you more by doing so yourself. Some of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend are actually the simplest. This will surely add zest and color to the bond you share.

Words may come as plain remarks, although to some these are powerful expressions of devotion and love, depending on how they are said. Here are some scenarios that you might want to take note of.

1) Men may seem tough and impassive at times, but they do have that soft side. They want their women to comfort them in words and in presence.

So always be ready with sweet things to say to your boyfriend, even if it's as simple as "Thank you for always being there for me" or "I love you." Take time to appreciate everything he's done for you.

2) Women hate it when guys are late in their agreed time. Instead of making a scene, say this instead, "Are you ok? Is everything alright?"

Try to listen to his reason before bursting out. It will be best if you listen first before mouthing uncalled for comments.

3) Men do not like naggers. This is the reason why so many relationships fail because men could not take the agony of hearing women keeping on at them. Instead of being so negative all the time, always have some sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

4) After long hours of work, it would be nice of you to ask him, "Have you eaten already? Can I offer you something?"

By doing so, your boyfriend would be pleased to know that he is important to you and that you truly care. But try not to barrage him with so many questions because these may aggravate him.

5) Compliment your boyfriend with such statements as "You really look good tonight/today."

Give him an earnest flattering remark. Make him feel confident about himself by praising and uttering nice words about his appearance, or even his attitude and skills. Be careful in choosing your words. As much as possible, be honest about it.

When making remarks or having sweet things to say to your boyfriend, remember to say them at the right time and place. Timing is crucial. It could make or break a compliment. Do not just blurt out in the open because you want to do so. Pick the right moment to say those sweet words to your man.

How to know if your guy loves you

Let me say right off the bat: stop wasting your time going after creeps that won't appreciate you. If you have to be something other than who you really are then he is not worth it. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you then there are certain ways to do this, let's take a look at a few:

1. When he really likes you he will show it by spending quality time with you. If you are with someone that is not giving you the quality time that you deserve than that is not a good sign.

2. Another sign that he really likes you is judged by the affection he shows you. I am not talking about wanting to go to bed but I am talking about public displays of affection; hugging, kissing, sweet nothings, etc ...

3. In my opinion, the best way how to tell if a guy likes you is to ask him. It may seem like an obvious statement but you would be surprised at how many guys are straight up and willing to tell you how he really feels. So, just go ahead and ask him.

4. Does he make eye contact with you? When a guy likes you he will look you right in the eye but that is one of the first things to do when he does not.

5. If he really does like you he will also be willing to help you out with the little things. For example: He will help you wash dishes, pick up your trash and throw it out, do little favors, it really comes down to little acts of kindness.

If you are looking to discover whether or not he really likes you then there are some ways to figure this out. In the end, if he is not good to you and does not appreciate you for who you are then go find someone else. As the old saying goes, "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tony Tetuila's Durango Jeep damaged

Ex remedies member Tony Tetuila treasured 2006 model customized Dodge Durango jeep was badly damaged few days back in Victoria Island, lagos. The Incident precisely happened at K's place, a popular hang out in VI. Tony and his buddies were here to have a cool time when the unexpected happened. According to tetuila, it was the impatient attitude of another driver that led to this unfortunate incident.Anyway, the guy has accepted to fix Tony's jeep. the jeep is currently in a workshop at VI and they have ordered for the damage parts from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the artist is currently promoting three singles from his on-coming album. They are titled Money maker featuring 9ice, Ole featuring Keynote and African man featuring 2face Idibia

Ideal Wins $50,000 Let's Dance Prize

From fancy footwork to high-energy performances from spectacular outfits and exotic style to traditional routines and fast-paced action, M-Net's Let's Dance has brought the best of Nigerian dance talent to the silver screen for the past four months. On may 17, DSTV audiences across Nigeria watched as brilliant dance partners 'Ideal' were named as the overall winners of the rhythmic dance reality series, waltzing off with the blockbuster first prize of USD 50 000 cash. After 14 weeks of intensive training and nerve wrecking eliminations, Ideal scored the highest number of votes beating Nova into Nova into second place and Vibes into the third place. The runners up went home with USD20 000, and USD10 000 respectively. As is the case with Let's Dance, which is sponsored by Verve from interswitch, the show started with cliffhanger as Elect were eliminated after garnering the least viewers' votes after last week's performance. the remaining three contestants took to the dance floor performing a rigorous 4 times each- including one traditional Nigerian Dance followed by the Argentine Tango, The Salsa and an improvised Cha-cha to a piece of music none of them had heard before. the judges professor Ojo Bakare, Dr. Chuks Okoye and Mrs Yeside Dosunmu-Lawal, were underwhelmedby the traditional dances, chiding vibes for not displaying enough energy, Ideal for showing too much and Nova for providing an anticlimax towards the end of the dance.

2009 annual Nigerian Hip Hop World Awards

The Nigerian Hip Hop World Awards has finally come and gone with the winners and runners up going home either satisfied or going back home to work on their acts. The winners of the awards are
Best Rap award- Talk about it (MI)
Best collabo- Good or bad (J martins ft Timaya and P Square)
Best Rap Single- Kini Big Deal (Naeto C)
Best Vocal Performance (Male)- Banky W
" " " (female) - Omawumi
Album of the year- Gongo Aso (9ice)
Song of the year- Gongo Aso (9ice)
Recording of the year- Michelle (Etcetera)
Producer of the year- ID Cabasa (Gongo Aso)
Best Music Video- Jude Okoye (Roll it)
Best Reggae/ Dancehall Album- Gongo Aso (9ice)
Best RnB/ Pop Album- Gongo Aso (9ice)
Hip hop world Revealation- MI (talk about it)
Lyricist on the Roll- Nine (Mode 9)
Best Street Hop- O4kasibe (DJ Zeez)
Hip hop world Awards hall of fame- Phillip Trimmel and Grand Master Lee

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mo Hits to perform in Uniport

With the recent inauguration of the newly Students' union Government excos of the University of Portharcourt, the new president has decided to take the bull by the horn by bringing the entire crew of the Mo'Hits record. With D'banj leading the squad thaT IS DEMANDING FOR A WHOOPING sum of N6million as performance fee. The artistes are scheduled to perform in the stadium of the institution sometime in April. The truth of the matter is that I do not see the feasibility of the organizers making this sum of money as turnover talk more of profit as students' are very lukewarm to news of star artistes as past organisers have not lived up to billing and secondly, the amount N1000 to be charged as entrance fee is too exorbitant for the flexing students. Well the students' leader is not willing to go back on his plan. so all I can say to him is good luck

Sunday, January 11, 2009

D'banj gets brand new Land Rover SUV as glo ambassador

These are definitely great times for the Koko master 'D'Banj' as he was recently presented with a brand new LandRover SUV as a glo ambassador. Pundits wonder why he was singled out of the lots of artistes that are glo ambassadors for the Gift item. To douse this apprehension, The Mananging Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Glo said that the artiste has done a great job and he is a talent. Nevertheless, it is a plus for him, it finally shows that Nigerian artistes are being appreciated by their very own.
Also, Anthony Iwediunor of 'Diamond' the band that won the 2008 star quest has finally revealed on his facebook that plans are on the way for their debut album that would be hitting the airwaves in no more than two months from now. I just hope the songs tghere would not be just jingles but meani ngful lyrics that would be appreciated.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taye Taiwo

REPORTS from France suggest that Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge may have been Manchester City's second choice player for the left wingback position as they have placed a huge 15 million euros bid for Olympique de Marseille full-back, Taiye Taiwo.
Fantastically rich Manchester City may have paid an estimated 11 million euros for Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge. However, reports in France suggest that the Citizens placed an even greater bid for dynamic Olympique de Marseille full-back Taiye Taiwo, who has been mightily impressive for Les Phoc�ens this season.
A generally well respected source of information, l'Equipe goes on to suggest that City have placed a further bid for the player, hypothesising that Taiwo's versatility could allow both he and Bridge to play in the same side.
Furthermore, it is suggested that, on a purely hypothetical basis, Marseille could use the deal to seal a transfer of a much-wanted striker as the club have been tracking Benjani since his time with AJ Auxerre.
There would also be the possibility of signing J�, who has widely been regarded as a flop in his first few months in Eastlands.
Taiwo, who is likely to move on in the summer at the latest, will certainly command a substantial transfer fee and represents an astute piece of business by the Provence club. The 23-year-old Nigerian was signed from Lobi Stars for just _180,000 in summer 2004.

source:guardian newspaper

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man sues God

I found this controversial headline in a national daily. Actually it is a news item on the internet according to the columnist titled"LEGAL ACTION AGAINST GOD THROWN OUT". It reads thus " A judge has thrown out a case against God as the almighty has no official address, and therefore legal papers cannot be served. Nebraska State senator Ernie chambers filed the suit last year seeking a permanent injunction against God who he said made terrorist threats against him and his Omaha constituents. Additionally, he said God inspired fear and caused wide spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon the earth's inhabitants. The US politician said his case was over the fact that everyone should have access to the courts regardless of whether they have money or not.
However, Douglas County district judge Marlon Polk ruled that under the state law, a defendant must have access to the defendant for a case to go forward and this would be rather tricky under the circumstances.

This man must be really cross with God for the situation around him but he fails to understand that God is a perfect God and he has so designed everything perfectly but man has caused the problems we faced because of our continuous relationship with the devil.

This senator is a law school graduate but he doesn't know that every court is subject to deal with things within its jurisdiction. A state court cannot deal with a federal body or an agent of the federal government. A federal court deals with federal issues. Courts set up by international statutes deal with cases affecting countries. God is the last court. He deals with every issue ranging from issues relating from interpersonal relationship to our relationship with God. Can a clay pot sue its maker? The answer is no. No human authorities can summon God to its courts. God is sovereign and he rules in the affairs of men. So Mr. Senator stop this blasphemy and turn to him for forgiveness and he is willing and just to forgive you

Friday, January 2, 2009


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