Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mikel Obi Declares That He Can Never Marry His Russian Mistress

When Mikel Obi shared intimate pictures of himself & his new girlfriend on his personal instagram page, many assumed after years of searching he had found the one in Russian, Olga Diyachenko.

But after seeing his reply to a fan who questioned him about dating a white girl when there are so many black women he could choose from, I am left wondering if Mikel is even serious about this chick…

A fan @mimi6uk said

Mikel abi u no c ur black sisters out der to date, u come here to show  world ur white b****? black stars n complex, always feeling white woman is better…dats y deese white people dont hve respect for u black guys in abroad cos dey know they’ve made u to dislike ur own, gross!

Please ignore the fan’s typos…LOL

To which Mikel (@officialmikelcfc) responded

Sister take it easy, it only a photo no marriage yet, trust me

Please what does trust me mean?! I’m sorry Mikel I love you boo, but saying that is disrespectful to your girlfriend, even if you have no permanent plans for her don’t put her on blast publicly like that, especially when you already claimed her by posting pictures of you both looking loved up!

But I guess this means there’s still hope for all you ladies who were left heartbroken by the news of Mikel & Olga dating…LOL

See more screenshots of the debate between Mikel & his fans about race & black men choosing white women over black sistas when they become wealthy!

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