Monday, December 29, 2008

Tuface vs Faze

2face released his long awaited album last week which included the much hyped collabo with American RnB star Rkelly, Flex. Some fans were not quite excited by the duet, perhaps it was below their expectations, however the album contains other great records made with talented local artists.On the other hand, 2face ex-plantashun boiz band member, has been enjoying much success and making being a successful artist look so easy, we are talking of Nigeria's RnB king, FAZE. Faze has never had a single that sold less than 1 million copies in a country where artist struggle very hard to legally sell just 50,000 copies, no wonder Akon wants to have him on his konvict label by any means. Faze released his originality album in october and it has since gone platinum having sold over 1 million copies again, the album include his party track dutty whine, his hit track am in love and the title track originality; you can listen to all these tracks and more on, you will also be able to order a copy of this album from, remember to visit faze official profile on at .

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jay Z's funny hair

Is this really Jay Z? He and his newly wedded super star wife are enjoying themselves. I don't know if this funny look is for the game or a new found style due to his change of status from a bachelor

Super star Madona

I can't believe my eyes. The glamorous superstar caught without her enchanting make-up. She looks like something else. She is actually 50 something. This foto goes a long way to prove that fact. I wonder what made her pose for this photoshot when she knows her natural beauty has faded away

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best dressed nigerian male artists

It is said that one’s dressing is the quickest and easiest description of who one is. It is also said that the way one is dressed is also the way he would love to be addressed. Whichever way, fashion is the way you define it. People dress the way they do for different reasons. Some dress to make an impression, some dress to attract the opposite sex, some dress to please themselves, while others just dress because it is sane to have their bodies covered. Let us go into the Nigerian music industry and check out how some of the geeks there dress.

P square- Unarguably the most glamorous duo in the music industry, they debuted multi-coloured leather jacket/pants, face caps and do-rags. They displayed a great show of éclat by their traditional b-boy dress code and this endeared them to more fans. Lately, there’s been a considerable maturity in their dressing. These days, they usually go on hats, Blazers, face caps, T shirts and Jeans for casual functions. You may come close to out dressing them but you can’t beat their colour combo

D’banj- With his slightly built physique, most ladies agree he is the artist with the highest sex appeal. Lately, he can be seen on stage with his customized koko wears in videos and social functions. He is usually cladded in brightly coloured T’s with jeans to match and luxury sneakers. He looks best at corporate events where he gets heads turning with his finely cut button up shirts, tucked into neatly sewn pair of trousers or slim-fitted suits to go with Italian shoes. He is also a lover of the blings. He flosses varieties of carat jewels Gucci, Jacob the jeweller etc. You can crown him Naijas number one “stunna” from his unrivalled crush for designer Shades arranging from Ferragamo, D&G, Prada etc

Naeto C- Many may not know him but he’s one of the newest MCs making strong and intimidating fashion statements in the industry. You can tell by his impeccably trendy persona in his video” You know my P”, where he is well dressed in ravishing shirts and suits. From his appearance on stage and cameos in different videos like Dare’s “Carry Go” remix. It can be said that this dude has great flair and panache in terms of fashion.

Pasuma- He didn’t just stop at just being Fuji music’s funkiest and most polished artist, lately he’s been able to strike the interest of fashion observers across the country. Unlike most of his contemporaries in the Fuji genre, he stands out in a class of his own by wearing top designer clothing like Versace, Armani etc. Due to his recognition as a fashion icon, he was one of the celebs on the line up at Ronke Apampa’s “stars on the runway”, he went on to exude his agility for fashion at the “celebrity dance” reality TV show. He has also featured in great style on series of hip hop songs and videos like Olu Maintain’s “yahoozee”.

Mr. Solek- He’s one of Nigeria’s most known musicians based in the UK. His success in fusing different genres of music into having his own distinct style has earned him much success. The creativity that is evidenced in his music is also reflected on his dressing style. HE APPEARS RADIANTLY IN Shiny suits and hats or blazers, button-ups and fitting pants. Apparently he is the type that takes great care and time shopping and selecting the perfect fashion items to adorn him.

Don Jazzy- A producer of high standards, he puts his finesse in the music game into his dressing, making him a force to reckon with when you talk fashion. Being a quiet person, his dressing speaks a lot for him. he can hardly be spotted publicly without his new-era fitted hats on. He is into XL large hiphop Ts. Occasionally, he flavours his outfits with zipper jackets and adorns various expensive 3quarters and baggy trousers. He steps his game up with his fresh collection of designer kicks. With his neck and wrists ever gleaming from jewels like cartier, jacobs etc. It's obvious he spends great fortune on looking good

Olu Maintain- He was known for wearing XL sport jersies which back then were the coolest gears. Rather than moving with the flow, he’s invented his own clothing style which he calls “Kentro wears”. This is somewhat a reinvention of the shirt-trouser-tie formal dress code, to an all new outfit of button-ups and ties flopping down the shoulder rather than going around the neck. His double-waisted pants is also a delectable discovery. He wears the best shoes money can buy and adorns his neck with expensive jewels

Tony Tetuila- The nickname “Golden boy” may have not been coined because he is shining at the moment but probably because of his signature look. He was known with gold-tint rough coils. Overtime, he has transformed the hairdo into dreadlocks and later braids. Aside the hairdo, he never hesitates to reveal his class and opulence through his physical appearances. From observation, he is a lover of fitted bright coloured designer T-shirts and button ups. He is one of those that still find pleasure and comfort in the Timberland boots. owing to his cool calm lifestyle, he remains one ladies cannot get enough of.

Dare Art Alade- He is rated amongst the best dressed for his casual but pungent dress code. He is mostly in T-shirts, pants and sneakers which come in various range of top class designers and go for exorbitant prices not so much into jewelries but has a flair for sunglasses.

Saucekid- though he is not fully based in Nigeria, he makes his fashion impression felt at any occasion he graces. He’s one of the few heads that represent hip hop fashion to the full. From rocking-gold accessories to iced-out grills. If he is not wearing a new era fitted . he’d be trying a doo-rag or just showing off his hair-style. He wears fashionably extra large T’s flowing over 3quarters or baggy jeans and pimped kicks. Just like most Celebs, Saucekid does the shades too, usually Versace.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This naija guys are really bent on tarnishing the image of this great country. They send their spam emails to many people just hoping one of them go fall mugu here is one NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT VIA ATM CARD. This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your payment.Secondly, you are hereby advised to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank and some of Attorney as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately. After the Board of director's meeting held in Abuja, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem in conjunction with World Bank, where we reassured and endorsed our signatories that all outstanding foreign payment due for the release with Bank's in Nigeria/Africa both contract and also inheritance Funds will be paid off in this present time of this fiscal year, to restore back to the business relationship lost by our passed regime of our last Government due to their selfish interest.Therefore, I have mapped out enough funds to offset all debt owed to foreigners by the past government, And I have also instructed the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) and Senate Committee on foreign payment to submit the files of all affected foreign payment for proper verification.Then, From the records of outstanding foreign payments due for release with bank's in Nigeria/Africa by the passed regime of our past Government, your name and contact was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding foreigners'payment which are still hanging on and who have not yet received their payments. I wish to inform you today that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you re-confirm your details, so that I can authenticate the payment legally.Also note that from our record, the Federal Ministry OF Finance through Government of Nigeria, has only maped out for you the sum of $9.2 million (Nine Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to be release to you.Kindly re-confirm to us the followings:1) Your full name.2) Contact Address,3) Direct Tel/Mobile number:4) Age, 5) OccupationWe have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America, Africa and Asia Pacific; this is part of an instruction/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract payment and debt re-scheduling. We will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money via ATM MACHINE in any part of the world and In receipt of the above information, your payment will be approve and pay to you by ATM CARD.Note: Your payment is schedule to hold within 72 hours immediately you get back to me with the above mention requirement, So this letter is an evidence of notification of payment to your name and after 7 days of this letter counting from the date of dispatch without hearing from you, I shall declare your payment, A Federal Government fund and subsequently convert it into the Government coffers. This decision is binding in accordance with Article 356 Act of the laws establishing this supreme office. Yours faithfully, Dr Ephraim

Monday, December 15, 2008

What some nigerian artist earn

The Nigerian music industry is fast growing and the artiste are earning almost as their colleagues in other countries. Here are some of the multimillionaires in the industry and the details of their wealth.

2face Idibia
- taking stock of his assets, 2face’s worth would be nothing short of 200 million Naira. He has to his credit 2 platinum-selling albums, endorsement deals with Guinness Nigeria worth about N30 million, MTN Nigeria worth about N40million, and he was said to have gotten about N30million from the producers of Phat girls (Hollywood movie) for use of African queen as soundtrack. He is speculatively said to have sold marketing rights to his new album at N30million. He collects an average of N2.5Million per show and he once said he is set to recover all the wealth taken from Nigeria. He is presently the most exportable Nigerian artiste.

D banj- taking stock of his assets, Dbanj would worth nothing less than N180million. He made a whole chunk of his money via endorsement deals. Gist has it that he recently sealed an endorsement deal with Glo which was considered the biggest deal in Nigeria. He had about a N30million deal with Virgin colours, about 25million with Virgin Nigeria, 20million deal with Nutricima and a distribution deal worth N100million with UAC. He charges over N2.5million per show and works really hard with producer Don Jazzy

Psquare- The duo would worth not less than N150million, they make the bulk of their money through sold out concerts all over Africa and beyond. They’ve sold close to 15 million copies of their albums since their debut. They charge an average of 2 million Naira per show. Their house in Omole estate gulped huge sums of money and they drive the latest state of the art automobiles.

Jimmy Jatt- He is the highest paid DJ in Nigeria, he charges about half a million Naira to play at regular events and 1million Naira for concerts. Up till date he is the only DJ with a multi-platinum selling Mix tape with about 50 of Nigerian finest artistes o n it. He is worth close to N100million.

Paul play-His latest album sold over 2 million copies, he owns a house in Nigeria and also in the UK. He is worth not less than N120million.

Tony Tetuila- His assets are estimated at about N80million. Most of his wealth accrues from performing at shows abroad and other non music ventures. His cordial relationship with the past Governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has also made him have a good share of government deals in music and performances. There is hardly any event in Lagos he does not perform at the dispensation.

KC Presh- It’s obvious that the duo make most of their money outside music.
They make a good fortune from branding Star beer and they are rumoured to get contracts from state governments. They are assumed to worth not less than N70million.

Olu Maintain- Following the yahoozee blast, he was immediately launched into opulence, he sold well over 2million copies of the album. He drives a pimped to the teeth Chrysler worth N6m, Toyota Sequia jeep and owns a luxury home at Anthony. He is worth not less than N70M

9ice- currently the hottest in the industry, he charges an average of N1.5m a show, he recently moved to a duplex apartment in Anthony and his album has sold close to three million copies and still on high demand.. He recently got a Celtel deal to the UK to perform at the Nelson Mandela show which sources close to him say he was paid close to 30 million Pounds. Estimate of his current financial worth is in excess of N70M.

Ruggedman –Arguably the highest paid rapper in the country. He charges between N500000 and N1.5million per show. He has driven luxury cars like Mercedes Benz E class , Nissan Murano jeep and Touareg which he currently cruises around town with. He is estimatedly worth N50million.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My friend's ordeal

My friend asked me to post his ordeal in my blog and so I decided to succumb to his wishes after months of drawbacks.
It all started when I was thirteen, I was very ill and thought I was going to die. Because of my illness I couldn’t go to school and so had to remain at home. My mother was very concerned and because I am her only child she decided she decided to ask Isabel who had been with us since before I was born to stay to nurse me. Isabel was twenty as at this period while I was only thirteen.
One day while my mother was away at work, Isabel came to my room and asked to give me a bath. I objected vehemently cos I didn’t I did not like the idea at all. She struggled to pull my clothes but I did my best to wrestle her off. She asked if I wanted her to pull her clothes. Since I had never seen a naked girl before, I gave her an affirmative reply. She removed her clothes down to her pants only. She held my hands and rubbed it against her pants. She then placed my hand inside and placed it against her labia. It was quite wet and now I know she must have just finished urinating. I fingered her until a liquid came out of her. She laid me down and sucked my penis red and she fucked me. Seriously speaking my headache that had tied me down for so long had suddenly vanished. Well, we continued like this for long. Each time I went into the bathroom to bathe, Isabel came in with me and we had a fulfilling time with ourselves.
As at the time I was eighteen, we had sex more than a thousand times: sometimes we did it as much as four times a day and we shared it everyday.
My mother soon retired of her job and decided to try her hands on other things. One good Friday evening, she had gone for a party but someone there got her upset and she decided to retire back home. Meanwhile Isabel and I was at it again, she was right on top of me as usual. We had watched a lot of porn movies and practised what we watched concurrently. I had forgotten to lock the door to my room. My mother decided to check on me, when she opened the door; she was startled to her eyes when she saw Isabel on top of me naked. She was filled with shock and could do nothing more than a cough. Man we quickly ran under the sheets seeing that we had been caught. My mother could not hide her grief she sent Isabel packing the very next day.
Isabel had learnt a trade while she was with my mother so she rented a flat of her own with the little money she had and started a dress factory. By this time I was in SS2 and was entitled to a huge pocket money and had access to all my mother’s cars
I always went to visit Isabel at her new apartment and each time I was there it was a re-ignition of the first flame. A time I gave her money though she was always reluctant to get it. I know she was always in the front seat of guys with bigger pockets than mine and so all we had in common was sex, sex, sex

After my SS3 I gained admission into UNN to study Law and my mother had started dating whom she simply referred to as Uncle Fred. She told me Uncle Fred is a professor of African literature and he was occasionally back here in Nigeria for a break. He came to our house when he was back here in Nigeria and slept in my mother’s room and I didn’t have any care about that. I used Uncle Fred’s car whenever he was away in the UK and I also had an apartment of my own just outside campus

During my 300 level first semester break; as I went home, I met my door ajar. Inside was a pretty gal who was checking out my DVD collection of which a vast majority were pornographic. I was so angry that I asked her out of my room but she acted as though she hadn’t heard me. She told me she just got bored and decided to take a look at the whole house. She introduced herself as Annie, Uncle Freddie’s daughter. She told me that my girlfriend was such a lucky person to have a boyfriend like me that cherishes sex. I asked for my food to be served in my room and when that was done, she joined me in the meal without being invited. I was served with pounded yam and white soup. The pepper started taking its toll on her cos water started dripping from her nose. I took out my handkerchief with my left hand and wiped her nose. The next thing we were feeding each other. She accidentally rubbed soup on my lips but told me not to lick it. Instead she decided to lick it off herself. Before we could say jack Robinson, we were enveloped in a deep kiss. I then removed her top and pinned my mouth to her nipples. Her breasts were the firmest I have ever seen. She laid on my bed and parted her legs, lo and behold she was without any panties as though she had foreseen this incident. Well to reduce the story to tabloid form, we had the most fulfilling sex of my life. Ironically I sable is twenty five while I am only twenty one
I think maybe I have been condemned to sleep with only older people than me.
From I sable to the girls after Isabel down to Annie have always been older than I am
One month later, Annie had to go back to school to complete her master’s degree programme in philosophy at oxford and I had to return to UNN to complete my third year programme but in the space of that month we had sex for more than thirty good times. About a month later, I was told by my friend that someone was looking for me outside; when I went I was surprised to see Annie. She was filled with mixed emotions. I took her back to my apartment and there she busted into tears. She told me we had a problem; that we were going to have a child. We have decided to keep the baby; we have decided to get married. We’ve got no other source of income and so we must tell our parents of our ordeal but the thing is we don’t know how to go about it. I forgot to mention our parents got married at a quiet ceremony here in Nigeria.
Imagine my mother saying “my son married my husband’s daughter” or Annie’s father saying “my daughter married my wife’s son”
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Nigerian Music Videos Awards

The second edition of the Nigeria Music Video Awards took place on sunday 30, 2008 at the expo centre Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event was sponsored by Harp Lager and Eko Hotel.
This year, NMVA paraded a lot of talented acts and they all displayed different kind of talents with their performance. Artistes on the stage were Sheyman and Dr. Pat, Kel, Ruggedman, Koffi, Dip, Elrichie, Segun Obe, Black image and Freewindz.
There was a dance performance by a group called All Stars. The national anthem was performed in a rock style by a group called Lucid Storm.
NMVA was anchored by Iretiola Doyle, a presenter on Silverbird TV. Some of the winners incclude

Best Afro Hip-Hop video - Wine am well (Ikechukwu)
Best Mainstream Hip-Hop video- Lagimo (RoofTop MCs)
Best Afro Pop video- Do me(P-square)
Best Dance Hall/ Reggae Video- Julie(Shank)
Best Gospel Video- Many Reason(Sammie Okposon)
Best R&B Video- Don't break my heart(Banky W)
Best Contemporary Afro Music Video Ndoli Ndoli (H-man)
Most Popular Nigerian music Video in Europe-Mumu(Mr. Solek)
Video of the year- Do me(P-square)
Best indigenous concept- Ruggedy Baba(RuggedMan)
Best Use of animation- Officer(Koffi)
Best Use of costume- Roll it (P-Square)
Best Producer- Mohits Records
Best Director- Clarence Peters
Best new Director- Seyi Babalola
Best Editor- DJ Tee
Best Special effect- Fire on the Mountain (Asa)


The Pretty mother of Peter Okoye of Psquare's first baby and a staff of Shobanjo's FKG-2 an arm of insight communications Lola Omotayo, returned to the country quietly on sunday November 30, 2008 with her son Cameron.
The baby who looks like his father was wholeheartedly received by Peter and his siblings. Lola had travelled out to America few weeks to when the Baby was due.
The news then was taken with a pinch of salt cos that was the time the news of Peter dumping Lola for Munachi Abii the immediate past Most beautiful girl was agog. I even thought Peter had found a Role model in Tu-face who has already impregnated three different ladies if not more.
While Peter and his siblings still remain at their Omole Phase 1 estate, Lagos abode, Lola and her son are chilling out on the Island. No one can really tell if they plan to tie the knots soon, but P-Square had collectively said marriage was out of the question for now because they still intend to take their career more seriously

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hip Hop sensation 9ice

Things are certainly moving well for Rave singer and hip hop sensation 9ice. The artiste and his wife Toni recently had their first Baby. The baby was delivered at the Presbyterian Hospital southern California. This in addition to all his awards that he has won must have made him a proud man. Well we are very happy for him and wish him the very best.

Groom charged with being too near bride at wedding, 'Embarrassed' Oprah Winfrey says in magazine that she weighs 200 pounds

This tale cannot be funnier. A newyorker was arrested for going too close to his wife. I wonder if this sort of thing can happen in Nigeria. Read the full gist at groom_charged_with_being_too_near_bride

The other story that would amuse you is about no other person than celebrity billionaire Oprah Winfrey is complaining that she has weight problems. full gist at

youngest marriage on record

I think this world is going crazy or better put, people are going crazy. Otherwise how do we explain a situation whereby a father marries out his daughter to settle a dispute or debt. In this picture you see a girl of 4 being married off to a boy of 7 to settle a dispute of 500000 rupees. Please read complete story at police_breaks_wedding_of_4_year_old_girl

Education in Nigeria

I saw this interesting article on Thisday Newspaper and I wonder what Nigeria is turning into. Mr . Bola ji Abdullahi, the Kwara state commisioner of education, science and technology who has been working round the clock to rebuild education in his state, recently launched an initiative to assess the needs of teachers in order to improve the quality of education in his state. Primary school teachers were given exercises/test materials designed for 10-12. The basic aim was to test their numeracy and literacy levels. Guess what? only 7 out of 19125 teachers scored 80 percent and above in the four tests. Just seven! As many as 259 scored zero despite holding "good qualifications".
You may think this is the worst case scenario in the federation but the assessors have not visited other states. What respect would those students have for such teachers that cannot pass a simple aptitude test. I think this assessment should be brought up to the university level. Some of this "so called" professors should be called to defend their academic chairs.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ladies and money

Recently, I have been wondering why ladies are always so demanding. I don't know if it has ever happened to you. Or maybe it is perculiar to Nigeria. When once a guy asks a lady out, the lady sees that as an avenue to enrich herself. She accepts the date because according to some of them, "No body says no to a free meal." This has in turn led the men into seeing every female counterpart as a potential sex tool. There is a popular saying that "when a guy ask a lady out, he is actually asking for sex and when a lady says yes to a guy, she is saying yes to his money". This is predorminant amongst tertiary institution students. Last january, I went to Ecobank to withdraw some money. There I met this girl, saw her as an angel. She is extremely beautiful. I asked her out and incidentally she accepted. After the valentine's day, I told her I wanted to see her and since no normal nigerian guy likes spending money, I told her to come to my class and see me. She declined telling me that its either I come out to one of the closest fastfood resaurant or I forget it. I opted to play to her gallery and went to see her at "Mr Biggs". I went there loaded ( you know what I mean) so that she would not embarass me. As coutesy demands or as I thought was proper, I offered to buy her something to eat while we discussed. She told me she didn't want anything so as not to give me a wrong impression about herself. In my heart, I was jubilating. She mostly told me about her ex-boyfriend whom she claimed she dumped due to his womanizing attributes. She told me her boyfriend had been trailing her wherever she goes and that the guy was in the restaurant with us. I was so frustrated when my attempts to bring up other issues failed. I decided to leave her to continue her rantings. After her discussions, she told me she wanted me to buy food for her to take to her younger sister at home. She also got the sum of Five thousand Naira as transport fare for a journey that is not more than forty Naira
Two weeks later, it was my birthday and I lied to her that there was this crazy birthday party that was going to be held at my resident in school, that she should come and make my day as the presence of my girlfriend is most needed. She told me she wasn't coming to my place and that since it was my birthday, I should come and take her out. The truth of the matter is that it wasn't my birthday and I just wanted to get her laid that day.
About amonth later, she called me explaining how she was in a tight situation that her parents have not sent money for her to buy her books and other things( forgrting that she told me she was staying with her parents close to school) and that I should lend her twenty thousand Naira. There is this theory that when a lady asks you to lend her some money, it actually means you should give her money and just forget the money. I did not yield to her request which made her stop communicating with me for three months.
Now she is back and is still demanding for money. I sthis what ladies were created for?

Friday, December 5, 2008

The fake mattress I bought

As at last January when I resumed back at school, I had moved to a new apartment with my friend and we knew quite well that we needed a new mattress. So I had to go and buy one. I went to the nearest market and thought or actually bought a brand name mattress- vita foam. Unknown to me, this wasn't the original mattress. When I bought it, the first two nights were very painful since it was as solid as a rock. After about a week, I started noticing some depressions on the mattress especially on the part that is usually occupied by my friend. I thought maybe it was due to his weight and decided to ignore it. After a month, it was nothing to write home about. It was like a mat and so I approached the seller of the mattress. He told me to my face that the one he sold to me was the fake one. I asked why he had been so Carlos and he told me that I requested for it. On survey, I realised that all the mattresses he sells are the same. Right now the mattress is more of a mat than a mattress. I rather sleep on the rug because I have a better sleep on the rug than on the mattress

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Online love

I have been very anxious to share this with you. I don't know what's causing the anxiety, maybe its the afterglow of the whole thing. I have this friend. As a matter of fact, she is a friend to my friend. We have been chatting for a while. Yesterday, she used someone's mobile to call me. Forgetfully, I decided to call the number when I saw a received call from a mystery number. Man! the voice was actually that of an angel. Well I was dumbfounded and decided to hide in my shadow. Although it was a conversation over the phone, I couldn't help but fall for the voice. I hope I can keep it going with this mystery lady