Saturday, May 3, 2008


When I moved into my new neighborhood, I had no difficulties adapting to the new environment. There were little hiccups here and there but none that could not be controlled. I had come to accept the fact that my neighbor was a prostitute. A very pretty girl that any man would fight for at any point in time turned out to be a street girl and trust me I am not one that is used to giving up on people. I had made up my mind that I was going to have her irrespective of the conditions but at no cost to me. At first, I was a bit timid and didn’t know how to go about my conquest. Each time she wanted to make a call, she shouted so much and I confirmed her status as oppressors’ delight. All her conversations were always about money r sex nothing more. She claimed to be a student but I have never heard her mention anything about her academics. The very first machinery put in place by me was to start talking to her. I made sure everyday I gave her some good complements about herself. I one day pulled up a trick; I bought an envelope and sealed it empty, wrote her name at the back and took it to her house, lying that a delivery boy brought it for her. Well she didn’t still have my time
Fortunately for me, one day she saw a skink popularly called snake lizard in her house and shouted her voice out. I quickly ran to her apartment to find out the problem and she told me there was a snake at her bedside. I moved over and realized it was just a skink, I killed it and then comforted her. Later that evening, she came into my apartment and started thanking me for my afternoon heroics. I told her not to mention that it was nothing but she quickly removed her clothes. Man!!!! This was it, what I tried getting by trickery was finally at my grasp. Well I moved to her and we were enveloped in a deep kiss. I caressed and sucked her nipples. Her breasts were quite firm. She ordered me to lie down and she gave me oral sex. I ejaculated into her mouth and she made sure she took in every drop of my semen. She then told me it was my turn to give her oral sex; I couldn’t believe my ears cos I had never done it before but in order not to disappoint her, I quickly got down at it. She was so salty and gulgy. My body couldn’t take it so I just threw up on her pussy. That wasn’t going to spoil my fun so I got down to the fucking of the day with the vomit there. We spent some good fifteen minutes on it before we finally reached orgasm. She’s madly in love with me but won’t stop her trade what do I do cos I don’t like it……………………………………………………………………………….