Sunday, January 11, 2009

D'banj gets brand new Land Rover SUV as glo ambassador

These are definitely great times for the Koko master 'D'Banj' as he was recently presented with a brand new LandRover SUV as a glo ambassador. Pundits wonder why he was singled out of the lots of artistes that are glo ambassadors for the Gift item. To douse this apprehension, The Mananging Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Glo said that the artiste has done a great job and he is a talent. Nevertheless, it is a plus for him, it finally shows that Nigerian artistes are being appreciated by their very own.
Also, Anthony Iwediunor of 'Diamond' the band that won the 2008 star quest has finally revealed on his facebook that plans are on the way for their debut album that would be hitting the airwaves in no more than two months from now. I just hope the songs tghere would not be just jingles but meani ngful lyrics that would be appreciated.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taye Taiwo

REPORTS from France suggest that Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge may have been Manchester City's second choice player for the left wingback position as they have placed a huge 15 million euros bid for Olympique de Marseille full-back, Taiye Taiwo.
Fantastically rich Manchester City may have paid an estimated 11 million euros for Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge. However, reports in France suggest that the Citizens placed an even greater bid for dynamic Olympique de Marseille full-back Taiye Taiwo, who has been mightily impressive for Les Phoc�ens this season.
A generally well respected source of information, l'Equipe goes on to suggest that City have placed a further bid for the player, hypothesising that Taiwo's versatility could allow both he and Bridge to play in the same side.
Furthermore, it is suggested that, on a purely hypothetical basis, Marseille could use the deal to seal a transfer of a much-wanted striker as the club have been tracking Benjani since his time with AJ Auxerre.
There would also be the possibility of signing J�, who has widely been regarded as a flop in his first few months in Eastlands.
Taiwo, who is likely to move on in the summer at the latest, will certainly command a substantial transfer fee and represents an astute piece of business by the Provence club. The 23-year-old Nigerian was signed from Lobi Stars for just _180,000 in summer 2004.

source:guardian newspaper

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man sues God

I found this controversial headline in a national daily. Actually it is a news item on the internet according to the columnist titled"LEGAL ACTION AGAINST GOD THROWN OUT". It reads thus " A judge has thrown out a case against God as the almighty has no official address, and therefore legal papers cannot be served. Nebraska State senator Ernie chambers filed the suit last year seeking a permanent injunction against God who he said made terrorist threats against him and his Omaha constituents. Additionally, he said God inspired fear and caused wide spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon the earth's inhabitants. The US politician said his case was over the fact that everyone should have access to the courts regardless of whether they have money or not.
However, Douglas County district judge Marlon Polk ruled that under the state law, a defendant must have access to the defendant for a case to go forward and this would be rather tricky under the circumstances.

This man must be really cross with God for the situation around him but he fails to understand that God is a perfect God and he has so designed everything perfectly but man has caused the problems we faced because of our continuous relationship with the devil.

This senator is a law school graduate but he doesn't know that every court is subject to deal with things within its jurisdiction. A state court cannot deal with a federal body or an agent of the federal government. A federal court deals with federal issues. Courts set up by international statutes deal with cases affecting countries. God is the last court. He deals with every issue ranging from issues relating from interpersonal relationship to our relationship with God. Can a clay pot sue its maker? The answer is no. No human authorities can summon God to its courts. God is sovereign and he rules in the affairs of men. So Mr. Senator stop this blasphemy and turn to him for forgiveness and he is willing and just to forgive you

Friday, January 2, 2009


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