Friday, January 10, 2014

P Square to wed their brides in Dubai


All things being equal the dancing & singing duo that make up P-Square, one of the most successful entertainment duo & most probably the richest entertainment duo in Nigeria till date are getting set to storm the superlative & picturesque town of Dubai, UAE for a double wedding come April of 2014. According to the little titbits that we have gotten the duo are working out the modalities towards having the double wedding. They haven't yet picked a particular date in the month of April though, but they are quietly working on where, when and how.

Remember that Peter and Lola had their traditional wedding the last quarter of 2013 (Sunday, November 17, 2013 to be more precise) in what many have tagged one of the biggest entertainment event of 2013. Not too long afterwards, the brother Peter was said to have also proposed to his own baby mama-Anita Isama.

So if all things work out as planned the 2 brothers would walk down the aisle together with their heartthrobs (Lola & Anita) come April of 2014 and we can confirm to you that accept for some extraordinary last minute change of heart, the venue for the planned superlative wedding is most definitely Dubai.

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